We Believe Jesus Christ is the Son of  God, who was born of the Virgin, Mary, for the purpose of redeeming mankind of their sins by dying a physical death on the cross, and was resurrected the third day.


​The blood of Jesus redeems mankind of their sins.  Salvation is a gift from the Lord of eternal life in heaven by accepting Jesus Christ into your heart as Savior.  Comfort is given by the Holy Spirit, who is with us and guides us in our times of need, until the day when Christ returns.

Full Gospel Denton (FG Denton) is a 48-year-old, non-denominational ministry founded by Senior Pastors Rev. Jack & Louise Howard. A family-led ministry, we are dedicated to helping believers develop a real, relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pastor Rev. Monya Howard has served FG Denton for 37 years.  She serves in many roles including our women's ministry, youth ministry and as part of the Pastoral Staff.

​FG Denton

209 Mockingbird Lane  Denton, TX 76209


Our Story

Rev. Chad & Stephania Howard both minister through the word and are on our Pastoral staff.  One of Stephania's positions is Praise & Worship leader.​Both are such an asset to our Church.

We Believe